In God’s Name

In God’s Name is a children’s book. When I read it I felt that this is what adults need to read especially in today’s environment where religion has taken a center stage in politics and an individual’s life.

It reminded me of the following story. There are many ants around an elephant. As ants are so tiny in front of the elephant, none of them can see the elephant as a whole. So, each one describes a part of the elephant as one sees. Each one is right and yet not. I feel that this is exactly the situation with humanity.

We have taken pieces of the entire puzzle and given each piece a name such as Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Sikhism, and so on. We are so busy fighting with each other over that one piece that we don’t try to look at the entire puzzle. We are not realizing that what we need to do is join all the teaching of all religions together and then only we will be able to see the Truth. Then only we will be able to know the Divine.

This is exactly what the author, Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, has explained so beautifully. I will always treasure this book. This is my favorite gift to any child. I think every child should learn teachings from all religions. And, this book is a perfect beginning point in realizing that all religions are one and Christ, Allah, Shri Krishna – all are part of One and Only! Each incarnation on this earth came to represent an aspect of God and to teach us different chapters of the Truth.

10 thoughts on “In God’s Name”

  1. Jai shri mataji,

    I will look for this book in South Africa. Is there a website for this book/publisher………I would love to read this book.

  2. Hi! Shruti: Your review is excellent. I will buy this book from Amazon.

    Have you read Ed Viswanathanji’s best seller AM I A HINDU?

    I bought a copy from a book shop at Frankfurt airport two years ago.

    Everything about Hinduism is explained in an extremely simple manner in Q& A format in 90 chapters. It really helped me a lot to understand my culture.

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