Meta Modern Era

This is a book written by H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I cherish this book because it has solutions to all the problems that we have created in this world.

There’s no doubt that humanity has progressed to a great extent in every possible way. Unfortunately, while progressing we have created some major evils that are political, environmental and psychological in nature. And, this book provides a solution that will help us overcome all these problems.

In order to learn the lessons from this book, one needs to read it with an open mind and introspect rather than being defensive and judgmental exactly how Shri Mataji requests on page 3 of Meta Modern Era:

“It is too much for a Mother to talk about the ills of her children, but unless that is faced, I don’t think that children can ever get their benevolence and reach the ultimate goal, which is their self-realisation.”

In this book, Shri Mataji talks about various religions and political structures. Shri Mataji points out how and where each of these political and religious institutions has departed from the Truth. Shri Mataji explains us the basic requirement for Individual and World Peace: Self-Realization.

If you are interested in exploring Truth, then this is a MUST READ!

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