FireFox Extensions

FireFox is the best thing that happened in the browser industry. I am a compassionate FireFox user. However, I do not disregard Internet Explorer at all. As a HTML coder, I find diversity in browsers a blessing. This is because when one browser forgives an error the other browser will display it. Hence, it’s all good!

Here, I want to recommend following FireFox extensions that are helpful to a web developer.

  • IE Tab: This extension adds a tab that allows us to view a web page as viewed in Internet Explorer. I love this extension as now I don’t even need to bother opening IE browser while HTML’ing. However, if my web page has a popup I still need to open IE browser. This is because IE tab opens a popup as a new window and not a popup.
  • Web Developer Extension: I’m so dependent on this web developer’s tool for FireFox that I basically cannot code without it. It’s a MUST!
  • Color Picker: A very handy tool that enables us to find the RGB color for any element on the web page.
  • Measuring Tool: MeasureIt is a cool tool that allows us to measure the width and height of any element on a web page.
  • Google Toolbar for FireFox: I’m a search engine optimizer as well. Hence, google toolbar is highly recommended.
  • Faster FireFox: This extension tweaks network and rendering settings to make FireFox faster. For me, it did make a difference!

I will add more FireFox extensions to the above list from time to time. So, watch this space.

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