W3C is preparing for the official release of XHTML 2.0. Right now, no browsers support it. So, we are not yet ready to implement it even if it’s released. Especially Internet Explorer (IE) needs to support XHTML 2.0 completely as it is still one of the most popular browser.

I read this article explaining XHTML 2.0. I found it very interesting and I am actually excited to work with it. I sure do hope that it will be soon.

Most of the tags that are going to be deprecated such as br, i, b, hr – I don’t use them at all. So, I’m fine with that. It will be interesting to see how to use object tag instead of img tag. It will be great if we can start using png images too.

I’m most excited to use navigation lists (nl) and section tags. This is because I am currently working on creating templates for our ecommerce sites at work (EcommercePartners.net) in such a way that the content is completely separated from presentation. These templates are going to be ecommerce sites that are user-friendly, standards compliant and complete freedom with respect to designs of the pages. And, I can definitely see how I can use navigation lists and section tags in these templates. With XHTML 2.0, it will be much easier to achieve this and I’m glad that my templates are already half-way towards it. So, I welcome XTHML 2.0.

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