Saints of Maharashtra

Saints of Maharashtra (Bhavan’s book university) by Savitribai Khanolkar is a short and easy to read book. It has biography of saints of Maharashtra from 13th century to 17th century. It portrays how all the saints yearned for only one thing – Self Realization. All the saints knew that God is one and were beyond any caste, creed or so-called religion of Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism and so on. Their religion was devotion and love for God. They saw God in all, true definition of a saint.

Miracles performed by Sant Tukaram and Sant Ramadasa fill the reader with amazement and respect. Lives of Janardana Swami and his disciple, Eknath portray how to fulfill daily responsibilities of a householder while being in meditation all the time. This is exactly what Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has taught us. Shri Mataji has given us all the tools to attain the stage of Sant Eknath, we just need to do it, that’s all.

9 thoughts on “Saints of Maharashtra”

  1. Respected Sir/mam,

    I am a student of class VII…. Can you please tell me reference of any website from where I can get the story of Saints of Maharashtra…

  2. The book Saints of Maharashtra is published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai.

  3. I appreciate your blog, the concepts of vedas were explained to common people in Simple Marathi language by saints like Ramdas and Tukaram. These books are still relevant today.

    Keep up good work……!

  4. could you please suggest me the websites from where i can find information regarding saints of maharashtra or elsewhere?

  5. 1 You can get short very interesting and well illustrated stories about saints of india from

    2. The book on saints of maharastra can be obtained from the bharathiya viday bhavan book stores or their website

    3. You can get a book titled “lives of saints” and a book on the lives of 63 shaivite saints – nayanars of tamil nadu by swami sivananda from his website as well down load a free copy of the book.

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