PHP Script for Tell A Friend Form

When I was working on the website for The Legend of Dagad Trikon, I needed a PHP script for Tell A Friend form. I searched and tried to install quite a few. None came close to Tell A Friend script by Maian Friend. It’s perfect and was really easy to install.

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  1. Hi,

    First of all, great site. I find it very usefull to make my own site!

    I’m working on a ‘tell a friend’ script as well, but don’t get it to work.

    Would you happen to have any ideas?

    I’m trying to make this work locally on my pc. I have xampp installed, and apache running.
    The error I have is … well … odd. It’s not processing the email function, but I get a pop-up asking me what I want to do with the php file: open it or save it ?!??

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Best regards,

    Here’s the script:


    Recommendation form

    Complete the details below to send a link to the page:


    *your name:

    *your email:

    Enter your friend’s email addresses:

    *email 1:

    email 2:

    email 3:

    The email that will be sent to will contain your name & email address.




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