Check Web Page Download Time

One of the principles of usability is fast downloading of a web page. Here’s a neat tool that helps to check web page download time. This will help your website from search engine optimization perspective as well.

Tips for reducing download time for a web page:

  • Use div’s rather than tables for layout.
  • Use XHTML rather than HTML.
  • Separate content from presentation completely by using external StyleSheet.
  • Do not add inline styles or scripts. All JavaScript should be in external file.
  • Optimize the size of images. Make sure that you use GIF images or JPEG images appropriately depending upon the file size and required resolution.
  • Keep the length of the page not too long. This will help reduce the size of the page and is user-friendly as the visitor doesn’t have to scroll too much.
  • Optimize the size of all multimedia files such as video, audio and flash.
  • Do not use frames.
  • Make sure your hosting server can provide required bandwidth for your website.
  • Note that adding advertisements on your web page usually increases the download time.

2 thoughts on “Check Web Page Download Time”

  1. Very Nice tool shruti I have ever found..
    Always enjoying your post. Even if there is lot of tarffic at same time then also webpage take time to load and sometime shows server not responding so at that time we have to make bandwith flexible.
    I more thing I found which is best is page length and size which is index faster, load faster and visitors (inclu search engine) friendly.
    Carry on dear and make us your fan.

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