Shri Mataji – Definition of Love

I can’t now remember if it was my twelfth, thirteenth or fourteenth birthday. It doesn’t matter because what does matter is the fact that it was my best birthday ever. This is what happened: my parents and my younger brother were traveling on a ship and about to arrive in Mumbai and I had gone to the docks to greet them. By a stroke of good fortune, I saw Shri Mataji who was on the same ship. I went forward and bowed to her but she stopped me and gave me a very loving hug and wished me, Happy Birthday!

My heart skipped a beat. I was surprised and my happiness knew no bounds. I thanked her and she asked my father to bring me to her house in the evening to celebrate. I was very excited but later, my father said that while it was very nice of her, we really shouldn’t bother her as she is so busy. I quite understood and was still very happy because the Divine had wished me a happy birthday and I went to bed with a blissful smile on my face. Next morning, when I woke up, my room was full of presents. My father said that he was sorry because he hadn’t realized that Shri Mataji had gone to the trouble of making arrangements to celebrate my birthday and indeed, all the gifts in my bedroom were from her. She had invited me over later that day. I was so touched that I had tears of joy in my eyes, for even as a child, I recognized that Shri Mataji is an ocean of love and that only she knows how to pour so much love on to all of us. Thank you, Shri Mataji.

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