The Good Earth

Pulitzer Prize winning novel, The Good EarthThe Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck is an attention-grabbing story. The ordinary life of a farmer in China and his selfless wife is in fact a poignant story. Their journey from poverty to affluence is creditable. More than that, their conduct during famine and then as wealthy is an interesting study of human behavior. His wife, O-lan portrays all the characteristics of a “Lakshmi” as we would say in India.

It was interesting to make a note of the Chinese culture with respect to arranged marriage, dowry, New Year celebrations, mourning of dead and celebration of birth. This was my first trip to China via this book and I enjoyed it.

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  1. Hi, Shruti

    Was excited to find your blog especially as I have just finished reading ‘The Good Earth’. I will be looking out for more book reviews and suggestions from you, thanks!

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