Illusion And Reality

Life is an outsized maze,
Where we can be easily dazed
With pain and joy; with success and failure; with love and hatred.
In my mind, the questions that are raised:
What is pain and what is joy?
What’s a success and what’s a failure?
What is love and what is hatred?

Subsequently, the answer that ensues is thus:
Without Sahaja Yoga and self realization,
We can be easily lost in this maze
Purpose of human birth remain beyond our awareness,
Emotions control us and outer elements become our governess
Some fight to get freed from the trap,
Some accept the roller-coaster ride with glumness.

Sahaja Yoga, unique gift of Shri Mataji, is the light in the dark tunnel,
Illusions from the reality gets unravel,
Road to our destination gets bejewel
Such that we can’t get lost unless we appeal,
Judging ourselves as a witness becomes feasible,
Life becoming consequential,
Pain and joy; success and failure; love and hatred
Are then just emotions we learn to experience with detachment,
Failing to control us when we are in ‘Niranand’.

So come brothers and come sisters,
Break the shackles of reservations,
Come into the world of reality from that of illusions
And embrace Sahaja Yoga to evolve as a Saint!

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