Sahaja Life

Sahaja Life is a balancing feat
Believe it or not, this is true indeed.
This is the most marvelous way to live for a human,
‘Cause it’s a way to be a Brahman!

Getting Self-Realization is the first step,
Daily meditation and foot-soak is the next step.
As all the chakras get cleansed,
The vibratory awareness becomes dense.

As the intensity of faith in Shri Mataji escalates,
Vibrations become our guide
And Gannas protect us far and wide.
As the width of thoughtless awareness state increases,
Both our conditioning and badhas decreases.

Sahaja path is still not so easy to venture,
It is for the fortunate ones to capture.
Complete surrender and complete faith,
Is the key to winning all the testing
Beware! Self-absorption is a trap for failing.

Collective attention of Yogis on world problems,
Be confident! Can work out some solution,
Being a Divine instrument,
Can lead the world to betterment
After all, this is the period for Blossoming!

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