Shri Mataji – The Incarnation

H.H. Shri Adishakti Mataji Nirmala Devi,
Presiding at our Sahastrara,
YOU are the supreme form of Mahamaya!

YOU are our MOTHER,
Drenching us with Love,
Assuring our desires,
Protecting us from the life’s fires,
Bearing our pain by taking us within YOU,
Holding our hands when we need YOU,
It’s something only MOTHER can do!

YOU are our GURU,
Guiding us to and through the Vishnu path
To lead us to the Adishakti’s darbar.
Adorning us with arms
To wage the holy war.
Making us disciplined and detached
To ensure our spiritual ascent!

Source of the Creator’s Shakti –
Destroying the evil within each one of us,
Opening the thousand petals of the lotus,
Cracking the egg-like personality of ours,
Being our Comforter, Counselor and Redeemer,
Letting us encounter heaven on earth!

Mother, it’s a great blessing to be born in this era,
It’s a great fortune to be in YOUR presence,
It takes a lot of punyas to be a part of YOUR darbar,
SHRI MATAJI, the entire existence on this earth thanks YOU for YOUR INCARNATION!

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