One of the many Sahaja Yoga miracles I witnessed

During one of the visits of Shri Mataji to Calcutta in 1980s, my father requested Her to invite all the Sahaja Yogis from the West for dinner at our house after the public program. At the end of the program, Shri Mataji invited all the Sahaja Yogis, Indian as well as Western to our home which created a logistics issue. Whereas there were about twenty or so Western Yogis, there were about hundred Sahaja Yogis in total.

I could see that my mother was a bit worried for there wasn’t enough time to increase the quantity of food. She instructed the family cook to quickly make some potatoes and I noticed my mother praying, “Shri Mataji please enter the kitchen as Annapurna and take care of the dinner.”

Each of the hundred Sahaja Yogis ate well and the food turned out to be just sufficient. Interestingly, there was “Sarson Ka Saag” – an Indian vegetable dish that was left over. We ate this for three days afterwards and still there was plenty left over. So, my mother went to Shri Mataji and narrated the incident. Shri Mataji replied that as Annapurna, She had to make sure that this vegetable was plenty for all. She instructed my mother to throw the remainder away because that’s the only way to get rid of that “Sarson Ka Saag”.

15 thoughts on “One of the many Sahaja Yoga miracles I witnessed”

  1. oh what a great story and give us learning that we should not left faith on mother

  2. Hi, I would like to share one of the incidences that happened with me couple of days back.
    I have an 11 month old baby. He used to call me Maa since he was 7 months, all of a sudden he stopped calling me Maa.
    One day when my hubby asked him where is your Maa, he literally pointed his finger towards Mataji photo, while I was sitting besides him. That has really left us shocked. We never told him about Mataji(Maa) then how did he come to know about Maa? In the middle of the night he looks at her image and smiles a lot, sometime he keeps on looking at her photo and claps and touches her bindi. Now, whenever we ask him where is Maa, he points his finger towards her and smiles.
    What do you all think is going on with my 11 months old baby?

  3. Jai Shree Mataji!
    I came to Sahaja Yoga when Shree Mata was in Nirankar Swaroop in June 2011. I am from Mumbai. The incident took place when I was in Neemrana University for a program for three days in November 2011. One of my friends invited me to his house in Neemrana. I assured him to visit after the program. The second day I received a call from Patna of his wife, that he is in the coma and in a hospital. I manage to take him to Jaipur hospital. Next day I returned to Neemrana for program and third day I could see him. He was still in the coma, I asked Doctor about his condition, Doctor replied nothing can be said till he wakes up. I requested him to make some practice of raising Kundalini. I prayed to Shreemataji and practice thrice. With the blessing of Shree Mataji. He wakes up. The doctor was amazed to see the incident. his life was saved. Jai Shree Mata Ji.

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