For One More Day

I would definitely love to meet Mitch Albom if possible. All his books impart wisdom. “For One More DayFor One More Day” is no exception. I would eventually like to own a collection of all his books.

I have a seven month old son and so the mother-son relationship in this novel is very interesting to me. I wish I can be as good a mother as Posey. In addition, I realized how important it is to appreciate relationship with my mother.

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  1. Hello,

    I have seen ur site, while making search on internet. I wish to ask you a simple question. How is a sahaj yogi helps this world to become a better place. What I mean to ask is that, as I know about NGO’s They serve the deprived population & help the society. But I fail to understand the contibution of
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    Ashish Gupta
    PMP ( Project Management Professional )

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