How a Sahaja Yogi helps this world to become a better place?

This question begs another one: who or what is a Sahaja Yogi? A Sahaja Yogi is a person whose Kundalini is awakened and who can, as a result, use what is for most people, a new category of perception by which all kinds of absolute questions can be answered. Extraordinary as it may seem, this awareness itself, thinks, organizes and loves. It balances, neutralizes and heals human problems, and relates men and women to the divine.

A person with awakened Kundalini can feel the state of their own subtle system and can, as necessary know their problems at a subtle level and correct them. As a result, they become emotionally balanced and instead of living in the past, in the world of their feelings and emotions, or in the future, forever thinking and planning, or, swinging like a pendulum between the two, they can now, for the first time, truly live in the present.

Becoming a Sahaja Yogi implies total inner transformation. A Sahaja Yogi therefore has to be honest and compassionate.

Let us consider the following hypothetical scenario. Mr. X becomes a Sahaja Yogi. He is more compassionate, honest, relaxed and joyful, and his health improves too. Since goodness begets goodness, his wife and children are inspired to become Sahaja Yogis too. Hence, gradually this family becomes more united, joyful, healthy and peaceful. Mr. X has made the world a better world for his family. His family, in turn, makes a difference for the better in the world. Their friends benefit from their company and joy spreads. Gradually, more families become peaceful and make increasing contributions to the well-being of the people they meet.

Carl Jung, the Swiss psychologist said something to the effect that if you want to change the world, change yourself. Individuals transforming themselves will initiate collective transformation and make our world a better place.

Sahaja Yoga inspires honesty, integrity and love. It germinates the seed of goodness within the individual.

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3 thoughts on “How a Sahaja Yogi helps this world to become a better place?”

  1. The above post attempts to answer a valid question asked by Ashish here.

    For the benefit of the readers, I’m copying his question here:


    I have seen ur site, while making search on internet. I wish to ask you a simple question. How is a sahaj yogi helps this world to become a better place. What I mean to ask is that, as I know about NGO’s They serve the deprived population & help the society. But I fail to understand the contibution of
    Sahaj to society. If ur not in position to answer this, please do a favour “pass it other Shaja Yogis” may be some one can explain me.


    Ashish Gupta
    PMP ( Project Management Professional )

  2. Further questions from Ashish:


    Nice to read ur post-

    Your post address the question that I asked. Thanks for your reply. As far as I could understand from your post is that Sahaja helps a family to live better, but what about not being selfish. My question in specific is ” I live with my wife & child & enjoy all the comforts” , but I have no time to think about the people back home or people related to me, whom I can be of some help, But I am too busy for that,, This attitude of not helping the related ones is really painful. How can Sahaja help us to be honest in doing our social responsibility towards related people. May be I am not able to express my self.

    I am bit concerned about not being selfish, how can shajayoga help us,


    My Reply:

    These are great questions, and your comments are ones that many can identify with. My experience would suggest that ‘being too busy’ rather goes away when one practices Sahaja Yoga. Without attempting to, a person innately prioritizes better and because their heart opens, they become more compassionate and take the needs of others into consideration much more than previously.

  3. hi,
    i can sense a vague connection for the above discussion with energy reality patterns. i reckon the sahaja yogi has immense +ve energy which flows to his surroundings and activity realms. ur thoughts?


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