Kabir’s Birthday Cakes

Here are the photos of the birthday cakes I have made for Kabir. You may want to view Arjun’s birthday cakes too.

Molten Chocolate Cake for 12th Birthday
Blueberry Pound cake with strawberries for 11th birthday!
Harry Potter Ice Cream Cake for 10th Birthday
Skate Cupcakes for 9th Birthday
Skate Cupcakes for 9th Birthday
Chocolate cupcakes with book on the top
Chocolate cupcakes with book on the top for 8th Birthday


SpiderMan Cupcakes and Number 7 Spiderman Cake for Kabir's 7th Birthday
SpiderMan Cupcakes and Number 7 Spiderman Cake for Kabir’s 7th Birthday – Cupcakes are red velvet cupcake with blue cream cheese frosting. Cake is a blue colored cake with red frosting.
Zoo Cake for Kabir's 6th Birthday
Zoo Cake for Kabir’s 6th Birthday

Pirate cupcake and treasure chest cake

Pirate cupcake and treasure chest cake for Kabir’s 5th Birthday

Fire Truck Cake
Fire Truck Cake for Kabir’s 4th Birthday
Train Cake
Train Cake for Kabir’s 3rd Birthday
Trash Truck Cake
Trash Truck Cake for Kabir’s 2nd Birthday
Clown Cupcake
Clown Cupcake for Kabir’s 1st Birthday

11 thoughts on “Kabir’s Birthday Cakes”

  1. Very cute trash truck cake! Can you give me some more details on the trash truck you made? I would love to know what size cakes you baked and how you stacked them. Are the wheels doughnuts or plastic?

  2. Dear Aimee,
    I bought Sarah Lee frozen pound cake loafs and stacked them. Then, cut it in the required shape. I found it easier to cut it in the shape when it was frozen. Then, I used frosting to decorate it. Again, it was easier when the cakes were frozen. Wheels are doughnuts. I used licorice to make windows, wipers and bumper. I used candy for headlights. Let me know if you have any further questions.

  3. Hi Shruti!

    I was searching the web for ideas on how to make a garbage truck cake for my son and came across your blog. I love the design of your truck, do you remember how many pound cakes you had to buy to make it? Thanks!

  4. Hello Shruti, I am in Sydney, Australia and am going to try your train cake for my son’s 1st birthday. Can you please tell me what the flat part of the train engine is – is it cardboard?

    Also, I will do your rubbish truck for my other son’s 2nd birthday soon…well done on your cakes!

  5. I really like your trash truck cake for a 2nd birthday party. Can you please tell me how you made it? Step by step directions would be most appreciated! Thank you so much! This is the best garbage trunk birthday cake I have seen and I am wanting to make one for my twin sons birthday coming up soon!
    Thank you very much!!

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