My Memoirs

my_memoirsMy Memoirs by Babamama is a book I’ll cherish forever. It is so fascinating to know about Shri Mataji’s family history. Babamama was indeed a very good story teller. All Sahaja Yogis must read this book. For the first time, I completely understand how universe was created.

The book has lot of typos and so, I wish someone would edit the book and republish it. This book is precious for our progeny. I’ll never forget the incident described in the book where Shri Mataji makes April fool of her family members. It is so amazing. This is what life is about.

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  1. Hi

    I am also a sahaj yogi from Mumbai, and I really liked your blog. Could you help me locate this book and is it available online by any chance. Can you give me details on how to buy this book.

    Many thanks
    Jai shree mataji

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