Teacher Man: A Memoir

Teacher Man: A MemoirI enjoyed reading Teacher Man: A MemoirTeacher Man: A Memoir by Frank McCourt. I understood how hard it is to be a teacher. I believe every parent is a teacher too. So, this book taught me a valuable lesson such as it’s important to look at the lesson from the perspective of the student. The student should be able to relate to it to be interested in the lesson. For example, the students enjoyed writing when the assignment was writing excuse notes rather than something like Hamlet. I’ll try to remember that while raising my son.

The most interesting perspective I got was that how he reaches his potential as a teacher when he joins a school where the principal is more interested in the progress of his students rather than disciplining and controlling kids. In such an environment, Mr. McCourt starts enjoying his job. This is reflected in students enjoying his classes. Enjoyment is infectious. If the teacher enjoys teaching, students enjoy learning and vice versa.

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