Have a Little Faith

Another classic from Mitch Albom is Have a Little Faith: A True StoryHave a Little Faith. All his books impart such wisdom! Mitch Albom is one of the authors that I would feel honored if I can get his autograph. I would love to own his entire collection one day as I need to read his books again and again to learn important lessons of life.

I firmly belief that role of religions is to pull us together and not divide us. It is humans who use religion to divide us by propagating the attitude such as: “We are saved and they are not” or “Our God is true God and every other religion’s God is false one”. God has made us look different as the beauty is in the variety. So, God gave us different ways or religions to reach him. We can use any and as long as we follow the true spirit of any religion we will reach him and be one with him.

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  1. hi
    nice thoughts which is found to be lost in the modern age. It was there in our past – which showed very well by sufees and sanyasi’s

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