Among Schoolchildren

Among SchoolchildrenI went to school in India and so, I am alien to the school system in America. Among Schoolchildren by Tracy Kidder gave me a glimpse into the public school system. I have a toddler who will join the public school in two years. Hence, this is a book that I’ll always remember. I think I would have enjoyed being a teacher to students like Judith but I’m not sure I could handle rowdy children as well as Christine Zazac in this story. I don’t think I have that much patience and cool. I am enjoying being teacher to my children and I hope I can continue in that role as long as possible. Also, I have lived in Holyoke, MA for a year and hence it was interesting for me as I could relate to different areas of Holyoke as mentioned in this book.

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  1. I love your website!! Your story gives me such inspiration to move … That’s why I love your website…there is so much for me here. … 🙂 Yoko Stansifer

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