Stolen Lives: Twenty Years in a Desert Jail

What a Story! Stolen Lives: Twenty Years in a Desert Jail (Oprah’s Book Club) by Malika Oufkir is a window into the political society of Morocco. First part of the book gives a peek into the affluence and royalty in Morocco and the second part gives a peek into the lives of political prisoners in Morocco. It is absolutely cruel of king Hasan II to punish the family for the deeds of a father, irrespective of the fact whether the King was right or General Oufkir.

I am very impressed with the strong will and determination of the family, especially Malika, to not only survive but thrive despite all the torture in the jail. It’s a miracle that they did manage to escape and make this ordeal their past. I have a 3 and a half year old son and I just cannot imagine how the youngest one, Abdellatif, spent his childhood and adolescent in the jail. He was 3 and a half when he was sent to jail with his family and the day he escaped from the jail he was 18. My heart shudders with this thought.

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