Walking trails in Natchez Trace Parkway

Laurel Falls Trail in Smoky Mountain National ParkWhenever my husband has been off work this summer, we have walked on trails in Natchez Trace Parkway. It is such a beautiful walk that I cannot describe it in words. It is meditative and rejuvenating.

My almost four year old son, Kabir, has enjoyed it thoroughly. He walked along with us. My husband used to entertain him with stories during the walk. Once, he painted half the bucket full of stones with washable red paint. Then we went for a walk on the trail and he personated Hansel (from Hansel and Gretel) and dropped the stones all along the trail. Then he led us back to the car by following the red stones. Next time when we went walking on the same trail, we could still find the stones. One can imagine how excited and happy he was. When we went on the same trail the third time, it had rained and so, we could not see the red stones. Walking on these trails has built our stamina. When we went to Smoky Mountain National Park this month, Kabir walked on trails easily. The longest and toughest trail for him was Laurel Falls trail of 1.3 miles. He did it!

My younger son who is still an infant has been so relaxed and happy in the Baby Bjorn (you can’t take stroller on these trails) during our walks on different trails. His face seems to be in meditation all along the walks and we don’t hear a sound from him. This has indeed been favorite activity this summer for my family.

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