Equipping Kids with Stress Handling Tools for a Brighter Future

As a parent, it’s our job to see that our kids are equipped with all the necessary tools that they might need for a brighter future. For example, we need to make sure that our kids are educated. It helps if our kids have a dream so that we can help them and support them to pursue their dreams. We need to make sure that we train them with social etiquettes so that they have a pleasant personality.

However, everywhere in this world – school, college, work, relationships, home – they will face a certain degree of stress no matter what. Dealing with stress is the most important issue a human being faces and this is the most neglected area in the childhood.

To start with, here’s what I can try…

Teach my child to meditate – helps to revitalize the brain and get centered. Initially, when we sit for meditation we have lots of thoughts and it is very hard to be still. It’s easier to keep moving and thinking because then we are not with ourselves. We are terrified of being with ourselves. But eventually we learn that it’s nice to just enjoy our own company. Meditation is the only thing that can teach my kids to enjoy their own company. Hence, they are never lonely and have an attitude of “everything is all right”.

Give my child gift of spirituality – Feeling God’s love is the only thing that will not let us feel insecure and unloved. Hence, it’s important to teach kids how to pray. God is the supreme source of help, guidance and love.

Exercise – Every kind of exercise is not only good for health but is always a stress reliever. So, it helps if we can get kids in the habit of some kind of exercise every day just like brushing and saying prayers.

Controlling temper and emotions – go to a quiet place and just cry or be angry as much as you want. Once you feel you have calmed down, come back to the world. This can be a priceless habit! It’s important to learn that it’s not all right to explode like a bomb just because you are angry or emotional. Share your emotions and anger but in a civilized way.

All this is easier said than done, hence we need to keep trying …

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