Magic Tree House

Magic Tree HouseMy son, Kabir, got his first Magic Tree House book by Mary Pope Osborne for his 4th Birthday from his Ritu Chachi. Now, both of us have joined the Magic Tree House cult. I have read to him Magic Tree House books # 1-8 twice. We completed book #9 yesterday. Tonight we are going to start book# 10. We read at least 1 chapter at bedtime. When he asks Amit to read it to him, I get upset because I want to read it. So, he says, “Mama, you can read it to me again. I would love to listen second time too.” So, I am relieved.

Sometimes at quiet time, I find him trying to read the Magic Tree House books himself or pretending to be Jack or Anne (two main characters in the book). It is just so cute. Both of us are completely and madly hooked to the series. Also, we have been marking all the places that Jack and Anne visit in the map. It’s a great series that I recommend for young kids.

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