Painting with Pudding

Last week, I bought Jello instant pudding mix. Kabir made the pudding as per the directions (using water as I didn’t want to waste milk). Once ready, I divided the pudding between Kabir and Arjun and gave them a piece of wax paper each. Both of them painted on the wax paper using the pudding. Arjun patted on the pudding so hard that it spattered all over. It was such a joy for him that he kept doing it. After a while they started painting on each other’s wax paper. Then they progressed to painting each other. It was utter chaos and complete mess but they were laughing so hard and having so much fun. It was a perfect photograph opportunity but I couldn’t leave them alone as they were slipping when trying to stand up. It was a mess (we did this in our backyard) but so worth it. They were so dirty that I had to hose them down. The thrill of playing in the water was too precious to them. Then they were taken to play in hot water tub. This activity made their day and it made my day to see them laughing so hard that they had tears in their eyes!

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