Penmanship is important!

I belong to old school where we think that grammar (even though my grammar is not up to the par and hence I feel more strongly that it’s important) and penmanship is important and should be one of the priorities in early education.

Technology is evolving at a speed of light and it is wonderful. I love it but I do feel that elementary and middle school students should use it for a limited time during the day and it should not be introduced too early in a child’s life! I am of the opinion that creative writing needs to be done with pencil or pen on a paper at elementary level. Also, I fail to appreciate “texting language” when used anywhere other than texting, such as in an email or a posting on facebook. To me, it seems that the writing loses its soul. Writing a letter using a pen/pencil on a paper has its own charm. Moreover, I fear that slowly we will lose the art of writing. Here’s my own example: I am born and brought up in India and studied how to read and write Hindi for about 12 years in school. I moved to US in 1999 and since then I haven’t used Hindi at all. I haven’t written anything in Hindi and I haven’t read anything in Hindi. Today, I’ll be scared to write even one sentence in Hindi. I have lost it. Here’s my husband’s example: When I met him, his handwriting was more beautiful than mine and I could read whatever he wrote very easily. Since a few years, he either dictates or types his notes. Now, his handwriting is not only worst than mine but I can’t decipher a word he writes. I hope you get the point.

So, I make my son, Kabir, practice handwriting. My friend, Sheila, introduced me to the following website (I love this website!) where you can create worksheets for your kid: ESL Writing Wizard

I have created worksheets for my son and used quotes from Shri Mataji (hoping that he will remember these quotes that might come in handy to him in his life). Here are the links to those worksheets. I hope it’s helpful!

One thought on “Penmanship is important!”

  1. My handwriting has always been sub par. I’m not sure why, I practice improving it everyday! For some reason it just stays the same…it’s frustrating, but it won’t stop me from trying. I definitely understand the importance of good penmanship. Every day I wish mine was better.

    Good post, and I hope to see more like it! I’ve been trying to get in touch with you for a few weeks now, but your email seems to be down. If there’s any other way of reaching you, I would like to know. It would be great if we could discuss this further.

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