Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

“Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson is a gift from Dhanesh and Marga. Thank you! It is like no other biography I have read. When I started the book, I was expecting to learn about the great values and life of a visionary person. But, I was completely in shock! He is a visionary yet his anger and the way he treated people if they are not as he expects them to be is shocking to me. It seems that he could easily walk over any person for selfish reasons without much regret and this scared me.

It specially struck a chord with me because a part of his personality gave me an insight into my father’s personality. I feel my father is extremely hard to please as he has really high expectations. His anger scares everyone. I have seen my father returning food in restaurants and home because it didn’t meet his standards. My father shares reality distortion field with Steve Jobs. He started his career with loading steel in trucks and today he is a highly successful industrialist. Even today, my father’s first priority and the only passion is his work. Thanks to this book, I am able to understand my father little better! This book has really helped my heart.

I believe that one has to be extremely lucky as Steve Jobs if one wants to be successful with his kind of personality. All the biographies teach me one important lesson over and over. There is no black and white but there are many shades of gray with respect to human beings. If someone seems horrible, look close and you are bound to find some extraordinary good in that person. If someone seems like an angel, look close and you are bound to find that the person is not perfect.

Above all, I do believe that Steve Jobs was a true seeker. I strongly believe in the Steve Jobs’ point of view with respect to religion: “I think different religions are different door to the same house…” (page 15)

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