Kabir’s Kindergarten Graduation

Kabir completed Kindergarten! So, we celebrated with a little party. He chose the venue of the party as home and he wanted Mr. Billy, Ms. Catherine and especially, Pete (the best dog ever!) as his guests.


We surprised him by calling his best friend and his only babysitter Ms. Carrie Ann (my kids call her Ms. Carrie didi) and her husband Mr. Ray. He said that Ms. Carrie didi was the best surprise of the day.

Carrie Ann and Kabir
Carrie Ann and Kabir

He was given the option of choosing the menu too. He definitely wanted Ms. Catherine’s banana pudding (it is the best in the world!). He said, “Banana pudding is glued and we can’t delete it from the menu.” For food, he wanted either Ms. Catherine’s egg casserole or homemade pizza. It was a lot of work to get pizzas ready by 11 am so we decided that we can go to any restaurant he wants in Memphis for dinner and let me decide the menu for the party. He chose to go to the Indian restaurant “India Palace” in Memphis. We all enjoyed it a lot!

So the menu for the graduation party was: pasta salad, potato and leek gratin, grilled eggplant, ham and cheese diploma, chocolate graduation hat and Catherine’s banana pudding. He loved the diplomas and hats!!! Kabir helped me roll the diplomas. He was so excited the entire day!

Ham and Cheese Diploma
Ham and Cheese Diploma
Chocolate Graduation Hat
Chocolate Graduation Hat
Kabir's Graduation Party Food
Kabir’s Graduation Party Food

At the party, he wore the paper graduation hat from Ms. Catherine and the “Great Effort” badge. His grandfather presented him with the certificate.

Kindergarten Graduation

Kabir surprised me with the “Great Teacher” badge. This really touched my heart and I will save this badge forever.

Kabir gave me "Great Teacher" Badge

Then he read a few stories and a couple of poems that he had written over the year. We had to limit him because he enjoys reading his stories aloud a lot. Moreover he was enjoying 100% attention of about eight adults!

Reading Stories

His grandmother presented him with four Magic Tree House books. He was so happy because he had been wishing for them.

Magic Tree House from Grandmother

After the party, he enjoyed TV time. Arjun enjoyed the party too! At the end of the day, when I put Kabir to bed he whispered into my ears, “Thank you, Mama! It was the best day just as I expected.” Amit and I were the proudest parents that night!

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  1. Congratulations Kabu!!!! We are so proud of you. We all wished we could have been there for the very special party. Those graduation hats look especially delicious 🙂

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