The Year of Learning Dangerously: Adventures in Homeschooling

Learning DangerouslyMy husband surprised me by giving me a book on the day it was released. This has never happened before. I loved it! He gifted me “The Year of Learning Dangerously: Adventures in Homeschooling” by Quinn Cummings. I read it in about 3 days as it was such an easy read and so interesting for me.

I could relate to the author as my reason for homeschooling is not religious just like the author. My kid sounded a bit like hers with respect to academic capabilities and I guess, I am doing the right thing by not granting him the opportunity to get bored and get into trouble. I could completely relate to her with respect to the event when she tries to join a homeschool group in the park. I could relate so much to her and after reading the book, I felt encouraged and determined to continue my journey of homeschooling for another year! Also, it was enlightening to know the history of homeschooling and current statistics too. I feel optimistic and present seems to be fun and promising!

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