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This Monday we started getting our feet wet and getting in the routine. We celebrated our “back to school” event with a treasure hunt on Monday morning. Kids really enjoyed it. I made them run upstairs and downstairs to look for gifts. The gifts were supplies and stuff they will use for school and were wrapped in newspaper. Then Kabir’s grandmother made “paratha” and chocolate cake for Kabir and Arjun as per Kabir’s demands. Tuesday morning, our first day of school, she made “halwa” (Indian dessert) for them.

Back to school treasure hunt
Back to School Treasure Hunt
Back to School Chocolate Cake
Back to School Chocolate Cake

Even though our books arrived yesterday, we started our school with handwriting, vocabulary, maths and a “story in the bag”. I put a little ninja, double decker bus, carrot and an egg in a bag. Then he made up a story using everything, including the bag, as a prop for his story and we recorded the story. He really had fun with this. Overall, it was a fun and successful first day of the school.

Arjun colored a page with letter “A”, stamped number 1 on a page and we read a couple of books. He was excited too!

Inspired by various pins at pinterest, I have created following posters for Kabir. I enjoyed making them and now, I hope they will serve their purpose.

Verbs and Adjectives with Synonyms
I wrote all the verbs and adjectives on post-its and Kabir found the synonyms and wrote them above the verb/adjective word I wrote on post-its. It took him a week to complete this project. Then we added it all to the poster.
Subtraction Poem
Subtraction Poem
I am Thankful for ...
Since last three weeks, I ask Kabir at the end of the week if he feels thankful for anything and if he does, he can write it and add it to this poster. Hopefully, it will instill gratitude in him.
Peace Maker and Breaker - Rules Chart
This behavior chart has been helpful already! Source:
Using my Writer's Eyes
I found the template for this on pinterest. This summarizes all that Kabir learnt last school in Language Arts. Although, I am thinking of improving on this further, it will be good enough for now. Source:

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