Current Homeschool Curriculum

Here’s the first grade curriculum I’m following for Kabir:

Sonlight Curriculum Core B with Science
Horizon Maths 2
Language Arts: Sonlight Language Arts 3, Easy Grammar Student Workbook.
Logic: Logic Links and Building Thinking Skills
Handwriting: I’m still making three-line handwriting sheets with Shri Mataji’s quotes for him but I use the smallest font.
Vocabulary: we do learn new words almost everyday when we read together. In addition, I’ve printed vocabulary worksheets for him to do twice a week. He loves it as he finds a word in the newspaper and then checks the meaning in the dictionary.
Spirituality: We did complete Children’s Bible last year. Then, we started with Sahaja Yoga Mantra Book and we still have few pages left. Our plan is to read Ramayana (Amar Chitra Katha version) and Bhagvada Gita (Amar Chitra Katha version) this year.

In addition, he is a part of swim team. He still has few Kindermusik lessons left. We might start piano lessons after that. Let’s see! We do visit library once a week.

In addition, I’m trying to see that we do the following once a week: Cooking, Banangrams, Lego, Art and Craft, Time Bingo, Dice game (We bought this from staples and we use it for addition only so far. Soon, we will try subtractions.)

My plan is to do five big projects this year with Kabir. This month we started Flat Stanley Project. I am planning to do the following in subsequent months. I don’t know if it’s possible and so, I plan to just do it spontaneously. I don’t want to make it too hectic and so if it happens, great and if not, then we will attempt it next year. If you are interested in joining us for any of the following projects, please let me know.

Secret Service: The idea is for 1 week he needs to do one service a day for someone secretly and then he makes a note of it.

Reader’s Theatre: Planning to use reader’s theatre for a script and then host a “watch a play and have desserts” afternoon. I can do this only if I get kids who are interested and have time. I think it will be really fun.

Community Helpers: I’m planning to give Kabir a digital camera and we can together create a small questionnaire with may be 2-3 questions. Then we can visit various community helpers, take their photo and get answers. Actually, this project may last a few months.

Countries of the World folder: We are reading “People of the World” and so, I bought a folder with a-z dividers. I’m thinking I’ll ask him to pick a country a month and may be help him find out facts and then create a few pages with notes and pictures about that country and add it to our folder. This is again a long-term project that may last a few months.

Usually, both kids get ready in the morning and then, Kabir starts with his written work. Once I am ready, we meditate and then the first thing I do is school with Arjun. It involves 1 letter and 1 number a week, reading books and doing fun activities with him. This is what we are doing:

Monday: Color the Letter, Stamp the number, books, 1 activity with mama

Tuesday: Glue the letter, Color the number, books, 1 activity with mama

Wednesday: Stamp the letter, Glue the number, books, 1 activity with mama

Thursday: Use Bendaroos to make the letter, Add appropriate number of stickers, books, 1 activity with mama

Friday: Letter puzzle, Counting pompoms, books, 1 activity with mama

Doing school with Arjun in the morning helps out in a number of ways. Firstly, he is satisfied for the whole day that his school is done as it’s very hard for little ones to wait. Also, this is the only time he gets alone with me other than when I put him to bed. Above all, he is learning a bit especially to sit and do an activity. For some, it’s a natural behavior but for some it’s a learned behavior.

Next post will be the list of activities I do with Arjun.

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