Preschool Activities

Here’s a list of preschool activities to keep my 2 and a half year old busy when I need to read to Kabir. For most of these activities, the inspiration is from the websites of those mothers who share their ideas over the Internet.

1. Putting pompoms through a small hole in the Tupperware: I took a really small Tupperware and made a hole in the middle. The hole is big enough for only 1 pompom. So, Arjun needs to put 1 pompom at a time through this hole. I made sure the Tupperware is hard for him to open. Luckily, this has been a hit activity with Arjun.

Inserting pompoms through a hole
Inserting pompoms through a hole

2. A sticker book and sketch book: Arjun loves taking out stickers and putting it on sheets of a small sketch book.

3. Putting sticks through the holes of a laundry basket – not a big hit with Arjun as yet.

4. Home made play dough – one of his favorite activity.

5. Matching Pairs – I collected 12 pairs of similar toys such as 2 erasers, 2 crayons, 2 paperclips, 2 coins, 2 small animal toys, 2 pencils, 2 whistles, 2 tops and so on. I put each kind in each hole of an egg carton. Arjun has to match the pairs. He quite enjoys this.

Matching Pairs
Matching Pairs

6. Moon Sand – he loves this!

7. Lego

8. Coloring

9. Playing with pipe cleaners – he hasn’t really figured this out as yet.

10. Playing with buttons

11. Wooden puzzles

12. Flannel transportation story board

13. Melissa & Doug magnetic dress up

14. Wild Animals – Magnetic Story & Play Scene

15. Playing outside in the backyard

16. Playing with chalk

17. Melissa and Doug Felt Pizza kit

18. Melissa and Doug animal pattern blocks


School with Arjun involves 1 letter and 1 number a week, reading books and doing fun activities with him. This is what we are doing:

Monday: Color the Letter, Stamp the number, books, 1 activity with mama
Tuesday: Glue the letter, Color the number, books, 1 activity with mama
Wednesday: Stamp the letter, Glue the number, books, 1 activity with mama
Thursday: Use Bendaroos to make the letter, Add appropriate number of stickers, books, 1 activity with mama
Friday: Letter puzzle, Counting pompoms, books, 1 activity with mama


Here’s a list of preschool activities he does with me as part of his school:

1. Cut lots of fish out of construction paper. On each fish I wrote numbers and added a paper clip to fish’s mouth. Then Arjun uses fishing rod to catch paper fish and then whatever fish he catches, I tell him the number written on that fish. I made similar alphabet fish too.

Numbered Fish
Numbered Fish

2. Putting tacks on a cardboard carton: I do watch him like a hawk to make sure he is careful and doesn’t get hurt with tacks.

3. On an old pizza pan, I taped a-z made out of construction paper. Then Arjun matches the alphabet using magnet alphabets.

Matching Alphabets
Matching Alphabets

4. I bought a small pack of wooden shapes from Target. I glued one shape to an ice cream stick and the matching shape to a clothes pin. Arjun needs to match them and then attach the clothes pin to the ice cream stick.

Matching Shapes
Matching Shapes

5. I had gerber baby food boxes. I added different colored constructin paper to each. Then Arjun needs to match the pompoms to the appropriate box based on color.

Matching Color
Matching Color

6. Using 1- hole puncher

7. Cutting with scissors

8. Gluing

9. Stamping

10. Puppet kits

11. Different kind of puzzles such as wooden puzzles, Progressive puzzle, what goes together puzzle, number puzzle, animal babies puzzle and so on

12. Screwing and unscrewing plastic nuts and bolts

13. Using rubber bands to make designs on a geoboard.

14. Roll & Play game

15. Lacing animals

16. Zingo

17. Melissa and Doug stringing beads.

18. Using eyedropper to pour water in each hole of a muffin pan.

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