$20 Grocery

Kabir’s assignment was to buy grocery worth $20 from Kroger for dinner for all four of us. He decided to make pizza and so, we noted down all the ingredients we need. I supplied him with olive oil and seasonings. I took him to Kroger for grocery shopping.

It was so much fun to see him choose generic brand for ingredients rather than brand name to save money. The only place he didn’t compromise was Hunts Tomato can. He said that he prefers that and it’s worth it. He kept noting the price of each ingredient he put in the cart and adding them up. He realized that addition and subtraction is important otherwise he can’t be good at managing money. The adorable part was to watch him panic as he kept approaching $20 and he still had items to buy in his list. At the checkout, his total came to $20.44. We had forgotten about tax! So, he had to decide to return an item. He chose to return oregano. But, I had forty cents coupon and I let him use my member card to save some money. He was so happy! So, he had enough money to buy garlic in the end and he saved $1.68 that he can use when we do this assignment again next month

Then we came home, made pizza and enjoyed our dinner!

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