$20 Grocery – February & April 2013

We have been busy traveling, being sick, doing school and so on. As a result, I haven’t updated this blog for too long. Anyways, here I am!

For the month of February, Kabir was given $20 and he had to buy grocery for dinner from Kroger. He had decided to make tomato soup and ham/cheese sandwich for dinner. He served apples for dessert. He bought: ciabatta bread, cheese, 8 slices of Ham (he realized he could have saved some money by buying just 4 slices), 2 cans of tomato, garlic, basil and 2 honey-crisp apples. He spent $18.49 and saved $1.51.

$20 Dinner in February
$20 Dinner in February

For the month of March, we were sick and we traveled to LA. So, we couldn’t do $20 grocery dinner.

For the month of April, he served us hot dogs, salad and strawberries. He bought hot dogs, hot dog buns, ketchup, hot dog relish (I convinced him to get relish rather than sauerkraft by showing him it was cheaper. I didn’t want sauerkraft as it was a big bag for our household), a bag of chopped Asian salad and strawberries. He spent $14.70 and saved $5.30. I was proud to see him add the prices in his paper after each item he added to the cart. He wanted to be sure that he will have enough money before he added another item to the cart.

$20 Dinner in April
$20 Dinner in April

So far, he has saved $9.71. It will be very interesting to see how this project progresses over time.

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