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Gum Tree Writing CompetitionOn Mother’s day (May 12), Kabir received the first award of his life. Hope there are plenty more to come. He won the first place (in the newspaper they say second place – it’s a typo) for the First Grade narrative in Gum Tree Writing Contest. His entry was published in the newspaper this Friday. On Sunday, we attended the award ceremony. When his name was announced, he stepped forward and received his award with pride and a big smile. My heart was pounding and I was thankful to Divine for the blessings!

His narrative was titled “My Special Home”. He won a blue ribbon and $10. He has spent $8 to buy flowers for Shri Mataji! He saved the rest. His grandparents were there to watch him receive the award. When I gave him the assignment, he started writing each and every detail of the house. So, I told him that it will not work as there’s a word limit. So, he locked himself in a room and wrote it all by himself. I was very pleased with his work. I found his essay very touching.

Page 1 - My Special Home
Page 1 – My Special Home
Page 2 - My Special Home
Page 2 – My Special Home
Page 3 - My Special Home
Page 3 – My Special Home
Page 4 - My Special Home
Page 4 – My Special Home
Page 5 - My Special Home
Page 5 – My Special Home
Page 6 - My Special Home
Page 6 – My Special Home

Page 7 - My Special Home
Page 7 – My Special Home

Also, he read Froggy Gets Dressed during the Gum Tree Festival. He enjoys reading on the stage. His baby-sitter and his best friend, Ms. Carrie didi (that’s what my kids call her) came to watch him read and then we celebrated with lunch at Sweet Pepper’s Deli.

In January, Kabir took part in Young Voices of America – Speak of Heroes Among Us Contest. He won the first place for the story, “How Munkin Saved a Child and Invented Halloween“.

Amit and I are blessed to be his parent!

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  1. Also, it’s just amazing to note how the innocence of kids lets them effortlessly offer everything to Mother. Kabir spent 8 out of 10 dollars to buy flowers for Mother and that reminds me of some of the most humbling moments I had with some kids in Pune.

    Yuva shakti used to visit an NGO that provided shelter and education to underprivileged kids.One of the kids (5-7 year old) was requesting us very earnestly to let him have a photograph of Shri Mataji. When we asked him as to what he wanted to do with that, he said that he had Rs.10 and he’d pool up Rs.10 from his brother and they’ll but incense to offer to Shri Mataji’s photo. One can imagine how much Rs. 20 would mean to underprivileged kids in that age group.

    Nothing gets as impactful as the quality of innocence , especially while manifesting through kids. 🙂

  2. What a wonderful story! Excellent writing and beautiful artwork. I can see why Kabir won the award. I am sure, there are many more to come.

  3. Wonderful Kabir !! I am touched by reading your beautiful essay . It made be realize basics of happiness. Kudos to Shruti & Amit as well.

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