$20 Grocery – May 2013

This week, Kabir bought grocery for dinner for 6 people as his grandparents are here too. He spent $24.29. So, this time he had to tap into his previous savings. We started this once-a-month project in December. So, each month, he had spent less than $20 and so he had managed to save $9.71 over 5 months. Now, he has only $5.42 left. He served the following for dinner: baked potato (he is not a big fan of baked potatoes but since he made it he devoured it), asparagus, shrimps with cocktail sauce and grapes. He worked with his grandmother to prepare the meal. All of us really enjoyed the meal except Arjun as he doesn’t like baked potato at all. I’ll wait for the day when Arjun makes baked potato. I bet he will love it that day.

$20 Grocery - May
$20 Grocery – May

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