Handprint Calendar

Handprint CalendarThis school term, both the boys, Kabir and Arjun made handprint calendar as part of our art and craft. I got the idea from pinterest. I bought a blank calendar from Hobby Lobby and we just enjoyed doing the handprint designs.

For each month, I used to look at Google Images for ideas. Both the boys would pick what they wanted to make. Then, Kabir wrote a poem for each month. Our calendar had stickers and so, the boys enjoyed adding stickers too. It’s nerve racking initially as it’s scary with their hands full of paint but slowly I got the hang of it. Usually, I would first help Arjun while Kabir watched. Then Kabir painted his own hand and did it all by himself. Slowly he got good at it. It would have been better if I was more relaxed and patient with the boys but I’m trying. Now, we are working with fingerprint designs. I have a book that we are using to get step-by-step instructions. We are making lots of cards using fingerprint designs. These cards will be useful for next year or so as we can use them for birthday or thank-you cards.

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