End of the School Party

Last Tuesday, we celebrated “end of the school” party. It was a very spontaneous event as we thought about it in the morning of the party itself. The menu included just a couple of snacks and desserts: chips and dip, cheese straws, corn on the cob, kheer (Indian style rice pudding), strawberry pie and cherries.

At the end of pre-K, Kabir’s guests of honor were the Johnsons. In Kindergarten graduation, the guests of honor were the Crews. This year, the guests of honor were the Repperts. Sherry awarded Kabir a certificate of excellence for completing the first grade. My kids are so fond of Sherry that it was a pride for Kabir to receive it from Sherry. Arjun was thrilled too!

Both the kids made a list of all the food they wanted me to make for them. I did manage to make all from the list in about 4-5 days. Kabir’s list included: butter-chicken, naan (Indian bread), bhindi (okra), roti (Indian bread), squash casserole, kheer (Indian rice pudding), ice-cream made in ziploc bag, and crepes. Arjun’s list included: sausage, chicken curry (fortunately I had some in the freezer that my mother-in-law had made) and pound cake.

It was a fun party and I look forward to many more such “end of the school” parties.

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