Summary of Kabir’s First Grade

Here’s the summary of all the work we did for first grade:

We followed Sonlight curriculum – Grade 3 Readers with Language Arts 3. We skipped phonics. Instead we did Easy Grammar: Daily Guided Teaching & Review for Grade 2 Student Workbook. After a while, he found this workbook boring but I know that he learnt from it a lot. In addition, I created worksheets for him to do once a week from Wren & Martin. He loved these worksheets as he enjoyed completing them because he had to think before doing it. To encourage reading, we performed a play, “The Apple Dumpling” as part of our Reader’s Theatre.

I created a worksheet for him inspired by the vocabulary worksheet here. He used dictionary to find new words and complete this worksheet. He enjoyed doing this twice a week. He tried using few new words here and there. If interested, you can download the worksheet here: DOWNLOAD VOCABULARY WORKSHEET.

I created handwriting sheets for him. When we completed these, we started learning cursive handwriting. My neighbor gave us this cursive handwriting book and so, we just started using it.

Instead of using the copywork that was prescribed in the curriculum, Kabir took any book he wanted and copied a paragraph from that book.

In addition to the suggested composition in the curriculum, we made handprint calendar and so, Kabir got a chance to try his poetry skills a bit. Kabir participated in 3 writing contests and won first place for two of them. He wrote a travel journal for our trip to Italy on his own using the Notes app in my iPhone. This was completely his initiative and done completely by him. All we did was turn it into a book for him. Also, he wrote a letter to the President!

We followed Horizon Math Grade 2 Program. In addition, we did a monthly project of $20 Grocery. He tried a bit of cooking as part of this project. We played dice game for a semester and then we skipped it for the next semester because of the workload.

We completed four chapters of Building Thinking Skills Level 1 and we have almost 20 cards left with MindWare Logic Links.

We followed Science Core B program of Sonlight. Also, we did 2 semesters of 1-hour, twice-a-month Mad Science classes for homeschoolers in Memphis. In addition, Kabir and Amit worked a bit with Snap circuits.

We followed Sonlight’s Read-Alouds Core B curriculum. In addition, after each read-aloud Kabir did a book report that he added himself on his online book journal. I added the photo in each post but he did the writing part.

We followed Sonlight’s History & Geography Core B curriculum. We made lap books for the first four ancient civilizations. In addition, we studied 3 countries in depth: Italy, India and Australia. Also, we made a Flat Stanley and he is somewhere in the country. It will be so exciting the day we receive him back and when we learn about his travels.

Kabir is one of the participants of Swim Team. Also, he takes Art lessons from Mrs. Vicki Farmer and Piano lessons from Mrs. Sandy Coutoumanos. Also, we are a part of once-a-month Lego Club. He worked on his doodle book weekly. We tried to play board game weekly. It worked for one semester but with all the travels and busy life, we didn’t manage to continue for the next semester. Also, we did newspaper scavenger hunt.

More important than all the above is the travel that we did during the school year. That’s what makes his school year extra special. We travelled to India in January, Atlanta in February, LA in March, Austin in April, and Italy in May! In June, we are off to the beach and then NY!

We had a successful and busy first grade. Now, Kabir’s ready for second grade and Arjun will start his preschool at home!

One thought on “Summary of Kabir’s First Grade”

  1. Shruti,
    I must commend you on your attention to detail and your use of application of lessons learned. These are so important. You are doing an outstanding job teaching Kabir and Arjun. I like that you have let Arjun assist Kabir with his lessons. He will learn so much from Kabir before he even begins his own process. I loved seeing the award for writing. You can tell he values home and family and grasps the significance in sharing thoughts through his words. The letter to the president was a great idea too. I liked that you had him write the speech, which he obviously had to research in preparation. I do not want to take up to much room, but I must comment on the $20 grocery idea and the calendar with poems. They were excellent!!!! Not only does he learn the skill of counting money, but also applies it to real life. This makes his depth of understanding rich. The thing I like about the calendar, is that you are implementing not only narrative writing, but also poetry. I was going to tell you to be sure to include expository writing, but as I read many of his writings, I saw him using it. For example, the President letter directions on how to tell teachers to help others with anger. I will mention, one more thing and that is your wonderful attention to his well-being. I can tell from his writings, that he is well rounded, compassionate, and knows the importance of family and others. You are rearing a person who will be a treasure to our world. Keep up the great work you are doing!!!!

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