Beginning of School Party

This Sunday, we celebrated “beginning of school”! We started the day with treasure hunt for both kids. Arjun’s hunting area was the downstairs and Kabir’s was upstairs and outdoors. It was fun! I think they enjoyed both hunting and their gifts. Their gifts were mostly stuff they will be needing for school.

Both kids were allowed to request two food items each. Arjun requested for pound cake and ice cream. So, pound cake and ice cream was our breakfast. Arjun couldn’t believe it that we can have desserts for breakfast and that made it very special for him. Kabir requested butter chicken and shahi tukda (Indian dessert). After breakfast, Amit took the kids to the pool while I made butter chicken and shahi tukda. All of us enjoyed the late lunch.

On Monday, Arjun started pre-school in a full swing. Kabir hasn’t really started completely. Actually, his books arrived yesterday. So, he is just using this time to get back in the routine. He is doing just about 2 hours of school each day.

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