Arjun’s Preschool

Arjun started preschool at home. Daily lesson plans are as follows:

  • Alphabets: we are still doing 1 letter a week. We have reached the letter “V”. We are still working on uppercase letters. He almost knows them all now. Soon, we will start with lowercase letters.
  • Numbers: we are working on doing numbers 1 – 16 in different ways.
  • Workbooks such as Kumon workbooks for tracing, cutting, mazes. Doodle book, sticker book and so on. We work on 1 page a day from each of the 4-5 workbooks.
  • 1 Hands-on Activity such as:
    •  puzzles
    •  using 1-hole puncher
    •  poke holes with tacks on carton
    •  lacing
    •  dropping water with eye-dropper in each hole in a muffin tray
    •  playing games such as candyland, bingo, memory, cards and so on
    •  building skill toys such as pegs and legos
    •  sequencing with links
    •  logic toys such as Block Buddies
    •  story boards
    •  sorting buttons
  • 4 Books: Nursery Rhyme book, Animal Book, What do People do All Day – we do these daily. Then we read 1 book everyday for a week and do related activities. We read “Stellaluna” for the first week and it was a huge success.

This first week was great and he is doing so well. Let’s see what happens over time!

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