Last week, Arjun and I read Stellaluna daily and our reading was followed by one of the following activities.

We made brown paper bag Stellaluna. You may download the Stellaluna template. It was easy and fun!

Paper bag Stellaluna

Paper bag Stellaluna

We pretended to be a fruit-bat and ate fruit Kabobs.

Eating fruit kabob like a fruit-bat

Eating fruit kabob like a fruit-bat

We watched the video of Stellaluna.

We did all the activities from the Stellaluna printables except the trivia questions.

It was a fun week!

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3 Responses to “Stellaluna”

  1. Omg Shruti! You are one super super mom!!! This is what i call quality time…so much to learn from you!

  2. Thanks Sweta! Honestly, I’m not a super mom. Ask my kids! I learn everyday from thousands of moms who post these ideas online.

  3. Heather Tate says:

    I really enjoyed reading these read-aloud posts. I want to read Stellaluna at the library in October.

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