The Lorax, Green Eggs and Ham

Last week was Dr. Seuss week. It was worth it as the joy was immense. It’s so nice to see how one book (well, this time two books) a week is having such a great impact on him.

We sorted and collected few green vegetables.

Green Vegetables
Green Vegetables

We ate green eggs (omelet) and ham. Arjun just ate ham and took maybe two bites of eggs. He dislikes eggs as much as Kabir loves them. Kabir enjoyed both green eggs and ham.

Green Eggs (Omelet) and Ham
Green Eggs (Omelet) and Ham

We made some egg carton critters. Kabir made the spider, Arjun made the bat and I made the caterpillar. Kabir tried making camel but it didn’t work out.

Kabir and Arjun made whisper-ma-phone but they used it to whisper only a handful number of times. Most of the time it was used as didgeradoo making awful amount of noise.

We played Tic-Tac-Toe, Pinning the Egg and Maze from the activity sheets for Green Eggs and Ham. We completed a few activity sheets for “The Lorax” such as: finger tracing, jigsaw puzzle and finger puppet.

Pinning Green Eggs
Pinning Green Eggs

At the library, kids enjoyed green eggs and ham snack. They colored Lorax and made Traffula trees. The craft of Traffula trees was inspired by an image we found online.

Also, we discussed and then made the following lists together:
1) List of Animals that Lay Eggs: he kept mentioning the name of any animal that came to his mind and I said yes or no. Our list consisted of birds, ducks, hen, snails, snakes, fish, frog, ostrich, goose, penguin and sea horse.

2) List of things that the tree gives us: we did a scavenger hunt in our front yard and we sorted out if it came from tree or not. Our final list consisted of fruits (mango, peach, blueberry), flowers (magnolia), leaf, twigs, shade and seeds.

It was a great week and now we are going to take a break this week. Arjun is not at all happy about that but his displeasure is making me feel very happy.

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