Field Trips since August 2013

Last school year, my complaint was that we can’t go on any field trips with other kids because we live in Tupelo. That was the number one discouragement for “homeschooling” as far as I was concerned. I felt it was leading to isolation. Well, you know the saying that be careful what you wish for! I complained in my heart for about 9 months or so and this summer I found a secular all-inclusive homeschool group in Tupelo – Peak Homeschool Network! It’s member led, free and I am so happy with it. We have been to so many field trips and there’s so much to do now that we have only managed to complete about 7 weeks (we have 1 day’s work left) of school curriculum since August. We might need to slow down with activities and field trips but I am hoping it’s ok because it’s so much more fun.

So far, either as a group or individually, we have visited

  • RALPH’S Doc & Evie Farms – we learnt about growing vegetables
  • Bee keeper Robert Hays in Dumas, MS – we learnt about bees and honey
  • Cherry Creek Orchard – we learnt about peach, muscadine grapes, apples and chestnuts
  • Aviation Expo
  • Mayfield Dairy Farm in Athens, TN – we learnt about milk. This was a family trip on our way back from Gatlinburg.
  • Volunteered at the Tupelo-Lee Animal Shelter – Kabir walked 3 dogs
  • Smoky Mountains National Park for about 5 days – family trip!
  • Observed a wood carver and learnt about his life in Gatlinburg
  • Flew in a Biplane
  • Visited Natchez Trace Visitor Center for a lesson on ‘Animals and Settlers’ and a short hike. Kids were allowed to dress-up too!
  • Participated in Greek Party where 8 kids presented Greece. Now, we are preparing for Egypt party in December!

This month we have started HealthWorks health and PE classes for homeschoolers. It’s awesome! We are practicing for the production of “The Wizard of Oz” at a retirement home with other kids. This Friday, we had a little “Wizard of Oz” themed snacks for kids during rehearsal – rainbow fruit, rainbow Jello, cookie and pretzel wand and rice crispy treat brick road.

I am sure both kids learnt a lot about Gandhi during the exhibition this month. We have been attending story time at the library. Kabir read “Green Eggs and Ham” at Barnes and Noble during the occasion of their 5 year anniversary. All this is so awesome that it’s worth it even if it’s taking us much longer to get our regular schoolwork done (Well, I desperately hope so!). Now, I have nothing to complain about and I am going to be very, very careful what I complain about next time!

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  1. Well, since I have made up my mind that we’re homeschooling for good, it’s been easier this year to let go of my ideas of what Matthew should be learning and go with the flow and delve into what interests him. However if we were taking it year by year and considering the possibility of public/private school later, I can see where you might get anxious about him falling behind. Just remember that it’s ok to say no, to not go to everything, and it’s ok to catch up over breaks/summer. Kabir is an awesome kid and quite gifted. I’m sure he’ll do fine in whatever situation he finds himself.

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