Touch, Sound and Sight Experiments

Last couple of weeks, we have been doing small experiments related to touch, sound and sight. We didn’t do any smell experiment as Kabir had done that at HealthWorks recently.

For Touch, we followed 2-Point Discrimination experiment. His subject was his grandmother. We bent the paper clip in the shape of ‘U’ and tried to figure out the distance between the receptors (feelers is what Kabir and I called) in the skin in different parts of the body.

He wrote down the distance between the receptors in different parts of the body as follows:

Foot – 1 1/2 cm
Hand – 1 1/2 cm
Back – 2 inches
Finger – 1/2 cm
Arm – 2 cm
Belly – 2 1/2 cm
Forehead – 2 cm
Knee – 2 1/2 cm
Tongue – 1 mm

For Sound, we did ear gong experiment. We enjoyed hearing gong-like sound.

Ear Gong Experiment
Ear Gong Experiment

For Sight, we followed “Are Two Eyes Better Than One?” experiment. Kabir was very surprised that it took him couple of tries before he could tap the erasers of the pencils together when he looked with one eye only.

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