$20 Grocery – December 2013

For the month of December, Kabir spent only $8.43 as he served us tilapia fish, salad and mashed potato for dinner. So, he has saved $11.57 this month. Adding his previous savings, he has $39.17. He might take us to a restaurant pretty soon!

He seasoned the fish with Old Bay seasoning and I grilled it for him. He scrubbed the potatoes and boiled it. Once cooled, he peeled it and mashed it up. Kabir is not fond of potatoes but he enjoyed this mashed potato as if there’s no tomorrow! I have never seen him enjoy mashed potato ever before! It’s amazing how much he enjoys the food when he is the cook. The salad was one of the salad kits he chose from Kroger. Kabir and Arjun finished the ice cream that Kabir had bought in August.

Grilled Tilapia, Mashed Potato and Salad
Grilled Tilapia, Mashed Potato and Salad

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