Tikki Tikki Tembo, The Cheerios Animal Play Book

Just before we left for our vacation in December, Arjun and I enjoyed “The Cheerios Animal Play Book” by Lee Wade using fruit loops. Also, we read “Tikki Tikki Tembo” by Arlene Mosel and Blair Lent. This is one of our favorite books. We enjoyed listening to this story on YouTube. I showed him China and America on the world map and we saw how far is China from America. Then we counted the number of letters in different names. It was very interesting activity for all of us!

Number of letters in different names
Number of letters in different names

6 thoughts on “Tikki Tikki Tembo, The Cheerios Animal Play Book”

  1. Victor and Alex adore Tikki Tikki Tembo. The first time they heard it, they tried to pronounce that long name and finally settled for about half of it. 🙂 The letter counting extension exercise is pretty cool, I’ll use it with them! I am also thinking to extend by having Victor make up his own foreign-sounding-really-long-name and try to write it.

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