Polymer – Science Experiment

One of Kabir’s friends gave him a kit, Slippery Slimes, for his birthday and this is what we enjoyed as part of our science experiment for the month of December. We made two kinds of slime and learnt two vocabulary words: polymer and colloid. We did a simple newspaper experiment where he understood why he can rip the newspaper straight when ripped vertical but it rips jagged when ripped horizontal. After making a colloid we understood what is a quick sand and what to do if we get stuck in it. It was interesting and enlightening to both of us. I wish we had done this when I was in school learning chemistry!

Slippery Slimes
Slippery Slimes

We made following two kinds of slime.

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  1. Another fun polymer experiment is making snow this time of the year (look online for instasnow). It is loads of fun (it is the absorbent material in diapers. We bought a tube and had a ton of fun with it (we experimented with adding different amounts of liquid, etc). http://www.instasnow.com; I haven’t thought of comparing the different types of slime/goop–we make all kinds of those! Thanks for the idea!

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