I Can Read With My Eyes Shut, The Lion Who Saw Himself in the Water

This week, Arjun and I read “I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!” by Dr. Seuss and “The Lion Who Saw Himself in the Water” by Idries Shah.

For “I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!”, Arjun tried to read his name upside down, with his left eye, with his right eye and in a circle too! Then, I blindfolded him and he tried to guess the magnetic letter just by feeling it. At first, he didn’t want to play this game but when he saw Kabir enjoying the game, he too was interested in it. Also, we made a reading glass using pipe cleaners. I got the idea for this from this website. As always, Arjun got enthused about it only after he saw Kabir enjoying it. We listened to the audiobook for this book.

For “The Lion Who Saw Himself in the Water”, Arjun saw his reflection in the water. He made a paper plate lion. He colored lion and then cut it too.

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