Field Trips to Local Newspaper and TV Station

This Monday, we visited the local TV station, WTVA. Here’s the report written by Kabir.

I would like to tell you about my visit to our local TV station.

The first thing we saw was lots of old television things. There was even an old-type audio board. Our guide then told us about the founder of WTVA, Mr. Frank Spain. We also saw a camera Mr. Frank Spain had made from scratch!

Old-time Television Equipments
Old-time Television Equipments

Then, we saw the commercial lady. The commercial lady makes sure about the advertisements and decides where/when to put each advertisement.

Next, we saw the room where the graphic person, the audio people, and the producer work. The producer makes sure all the correct sounds and correct moving pictures go together.

Producer, Graphic and Audio People work here
Producer, Graphic and Audio People work here

Then we entered the News room. There, we first learned that the people speaking on TV, they are actually reading the selected story on a teleprompter. The camera is actually behind the teleprompter, so it doesn’t show the written words, but it shows that the news person is looking into the camera even though he/she is actually looking at the teleprompter.

News Desk
News Desk

Then, our tour guide showed us the green screen. If anything stands in front of it, then that thing/person will show in whatever is on the television screen. But anything green becomes transparent on the television screen, which is probably why it’s called the green screen.

One boy in the tour had a jacket, the sleeve of which was green, and when he got in front of the green screen, you should have seen him. He looked like a ghost on television!

Lastly, we saw that the people editing their news stories, their offices’ walls were covered with soundproof stuff that was in the shape of egg cartons.

News Editing Closet
News Editing Closet

Then, we were done.

I really loved this field trip. My favorite part was the green screen.

This Decemeber, we visited Daily Journal, our local newspaper. Here’s the report written by Kabir.

Our tour guide was Mr. Michael King (I’m not sure about the spelling of Mr. Michael). Then our tour began. First we entered the Morgue. There was a newspaper from every day, and some very old newspapers were put into books. Each book contained a month’s newspapers. I wasn’t able to find the day I was born, even though I was sure it was there. Then we went to the Finance Department where the people who took care of all the bills worked. Next, we entered the Circulation Department, where newspapers were transferred to delivery carriers. Mr. Michael gave us a copy of today’s newspapers there. After that, we went to the News, where the people worked who wrote down the stories given to them by journalists and put the pictures photographers gave on their computers. Then, we went to the Classified, and after that the Advertisement. The Classified and the Advertisement departments were where the people would answer phone calls with ads that the people who called wanted to put in the newspaper.

Also, the people had put a new printing press. So, then we looked at the old printing press. Then we went to look at the new printing press, and we compared it with the old one. We also looked at the newspaper rolls, and how different they were from the ready-made newspapers I had in my hand. There was a lot of difference. Then our tour ended. I also asked him some questions.

#1 Q: Do paper-deliverers ride a bike or drive a car?
A: Nowdays, cars. They used to ride bikes in the old times, though.

#2 Q: When did the newspapers for today get printed?
A: At midnight last night.

#3 Q: Is there any time nobody works?
A: No.

#4 Q: What do you do if the news has just been published and suddenly the news changes?
A: We put it in our website, and we put it into the newspapers for the next day.

#5 Q: At what age can I become a paper-deliverer?
A: When you are 18

#6 Q: Who started the Daily Journal?
A: A man named George McLean

#7 Q: Who makes newspaper cartoons?
A: A different company

#8 Q: When I open gifts wrapped with newspaper, why do my hands turn black?
A: Because of the ink

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